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VAT Refund Assessment

We identify the legal standing of sales transaction with regards to the VAT laws and provide the Tax Administration with the relevant legislation references at the application stage.

We perform the necessary cross investigations for the supplier firms and start preparing the reports accordingly.

We prepare the VAT refund certification report and check the VAT correction returns to be filed. We conduct the necessary correspondence with the Tax Office for the completion of the VAT refund process and the process of securing the refund.

Scope of Service

Taxpayers could be getting stuck with certain VAT payments that by nature should be compensated through discounts due to some transactions they performed.

Export of goods and services, export registered sales, sales with investment incentives, sales of goods and services subject to discount rates and sales withholding are examples of such transactions.

Taxpayers who make such sales are entitled to refund of VAT that they undertake and cannot compensate with discounts due to the described transactions.

As Ventera, with regards to the transactions and periods that qualify taxpayers (who have requested VAT refunds) for refunds:

  • We confirm the accuracy of lists and documents required for each type of refund, particularly VAT lists
  • We confirm the authenticity of transactions through cross investigations and other methods of verification.
  • After identifying the amount of VAT to be refunded, we provide to the tax office the VAT refund certification report,
  • Thus, we ensure the VAT refund is made to your company by cash or in account.

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Mehmet Çaltekin, Sworn in cpa
Tax services

  • Technopark and R&D Center Consulting
  • Tax Management Consulting
  • Company Merger

Zeki Kırbaşoğlu, Sworn in cpa
Tax Services

  • Full Certification Auditing
  • VAT Refund Processes
  • Tax Management Consulting

Oğuzhan Azılı, Sworn in cpa
Tax Services

  • Tax Litigation
  • Tax Management Consulting
  • Compliance with Tax Legislation

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