Technopark and R&D Center Tax Consulting

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Establishing the Tax Plan

We establish the most advantageous tax plan by evaluating your areas of activity, headquarters-branch structure, staff competencies and the financial aspects of your product.

We create your account plan and check your tax statements in order the ensure the accounting of the model we have developed is in compliance with the legislation.

We regularly update you on points that can pose tax compliance risks such as data portal entries, details to be added to bills and number of staff tax exemption days and guide you according to the legislation.

Scope of Service

Research and Development (R&D) activities are the most critical factor in enhancing the competitiveness, ensuring the operational efficiency and increasing the profit margins of businesses.

We provide Technopark and R&D Center Tax Consulting Services to companies either located in Technology Development Areas (Technopark) or operate as R&D Centers. With these services, we make sure you are protected from risk of penalties while ensuring you benefit from the incentives as much as possible.

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