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In the face of taxation practices that often change through legislative amendments and decrees, we write memos in plain language and ensure your information is up to date.

We build the model that will ensure that you benefit from the tax advantages provided to you (within the frame of your company type, your industry and the laws and regulations to which you are subject) as much as possible.

We also put the consulting outputs we have obtained through our one-stop service approach to practice through accounting records and required applications to government agencies.

Scope of Service

The concept of tax planning has emerged due to the efforts of determining and taking advantage of the rights provided by the law. This process cuts down the tax costs of the taxpayers.

With tax planning, the tax advantages are utilized to their fullest extent and tax costs are managed in compliance with the legislation.

The tax management method shaped by our tax partners through their experience in the public and private industries are combined with the tax-related risks and opportunities of your company.

Ventera ensures the development of a robust tax management structures by its staff with expertise in different tax laws. We prevent you from encountering unnecessary tax interest and penalties while making sure you take maximum advantage of your rights as a taxpayer. The opportunities outside of your main activities also begin to become economic value for your company.

Our Experts

Mehmet Çaltekin, Sworn In cpa
Tax Services

  • Technopark and R&D Center Consulting
  • Tax Management Consulting
  • Company Merger

Zeki Kırbaşoğlu, Sworn in cpa
Tax Servıces

  • Full Certification Auditing
  • VAT Refund Processes
  • Tax Management Consulting

Oğuzhan Azılı, sworn in cpa
Tax Services

  • Tax Litigation
  • Tax Management Consulting
  • Compliance with Tax Legislation

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