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Tax Calculations

The identified tax planning opportunities are presented to the company management to review in order to facilitate the utilization of these studies.

An effectively performed full certification service facilitates the timely identification and rectification of incorrect tax practices.

Upon completing the review of the entire accounting period, we give the full certification and audit report regarding the income/corporate tax returns of taxpayers and the attached financial tables to the relevant tax office.

Scope of Service

Full certification is the process where tax returns and accompanying financial documents are certified by certified public accountants, for taxpayers who are required to file yearly or corporate tax returns (including the declaration of liquidation, mergers and takeovers).

In the full certification reviews performed by certified public accountants, accounts and financial tables of firms are evaluated, thus conducting a tax compliance audit.

With the full certification audit services, Ventera’s team of experts;

  • Performs audits of your company at periods determined with the company management,
  • Reports the audit results to the company management, thus communicating the risks identified, procedures that require revision and precautions to take. Offers consulting services for such matters.
  • Determines the accuracy of the tax base to be declared in the yearly or corporate tax returns through evaluation.
  • Writes up the report including the findings and hands it over to the tax office.

Our Experts

Mehmet Çaltekin, Sworn in CPA
Tax Services

  • Technopark and R&D Center Consulting
  • Tax Management Consulting
  • Company Merger

Zeki Kırbaşoğlu, Sworn in Cpa
Tax services

  • Full Certification Auditing
  • VAT Refund Processes
  • Tax Management Consulting

Oğuzhan Azılı, Sworn in cpa
Tax Services

  • Tax Litigation
  • Tax Management Consulting
  • Compliance with Tax Legislation

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