Social Security Institution (SGK) Incentives

Scope of Service

Various social security incentives are announced to increase employment, reduce informal employment, or include certain groups in the workforce. Defined SGK incentives provide companies with reduced premium rates, resulting in a decrease in personnel costs.

Periodic opportunities are provided for companies to have unutilized incentive amounts refunded. You may have the right to benefit from some of these incentives when you employ young people, hire additional personnel, or employ someone who has not been working for a while.

To fully benefit from SGK incentives, current regulations must be followed, conditions to be met by the employee and employer must be identified, SGK declarations must be uploaded to the system with appropriate legal codes, and regular communication must be maintained with the institution.

With our SGK Incentive Consultancy service provided by Ventera:

  • We use our software to identify all SGK incentives that you can benefit from free of charge.
  • We follow your paperwork process flawlessly with our human resources team, which is an expert in SGK legislation.
  • We contribute to reducing your costs and using your company resources more effectively.

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