R&D Payrolling

Scope of Service

Various tax and SGK (SSI) Incentives are available for wages of employees working in Technology Development Areas (Technopark) and R&D Centers. Therefore, running payroll for employees working at such companies requires having a full grasp of not only Work and Social Insurance legislation but also Technology Development Area and R&D and Design Activities legislation.

By particularizing the scope of our outsourced payrolling services for R&D payrolling services we:

1. Determine the number of days subject to exemption with the weekly work duration we obtain from the Technoportal or R&D portal.

2. Correctly calculate the amounts of incentive with regards to income tax, stamp tax and SGK,

3. Inform you of other obligations brought on by R&D legislation,

4. Provide suggestions for reducing your costs.

Our Experts

Yasemin Meral, CPa

  • Technopark Accounting
  • R&D Payrolling
  • SGK (SSI) Incentives

Pınar Dinçtürk, CPA

  • Construction Accounting
  • Financial Reporting Process
  • Tübitak Financial Reporting Process

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