Payrolling Services

Scope of Service

Payroll is a document that lays out the payment made out to the employee for their services by the employer, that shows all taxes and deductions. It is prepared monthly as long as the employee is still working.

For calculating payroll correctly, various parameters regarding employees such as wages, number of days worked, scoring, travel and food allowances, private health insurance, Individual Retirement System (IRS) deductions, advances, overtime, annual leave, taxes and SGK (SSI) premium calculations should be tracked regularly.

Additionally, all procedures you are mandated to keep track of such as SGK Declarations, Hiring and Terminating procedures, salary sheets, Individual Retirement System (IRS) sheets, severance/notice pay calculation and other requirements are part of the payrolling services.

With the payrolling service we provide as Ventera:


  1. Your need for other human resources consulting services is eliminated,
  2. Your staffing costs are reduced,

  3. You receive services from experts with a full grasp of all aspects of legislation,

  4. You are informed of the additional SGK Incentives for which you qualify,

  5. You save time and can focus on your main business activities.

Our Experts

Yasemin Meral, CPA

  • Technopark Accounting
  • R&D Payrolling
  • SGK (SSI) Incentives

Pınar Dinçtürk, CPA

  • Construction Accounting
  • Financial Reporting Process
  • Tübitak Financial Reporting Process

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