Labor and Social Security Services

Scope of Service

The Social Security Reform and subsequent important changes in the labor legislation impose serious obligations on companies. The burden of administrative sanctions and increased inspections in working life can lead to hard-to-recover results.

As Ventera, we offer compliance auditing, consultancy and training services with our expert team with deep experience in relevant public institutions.

  • Social Security Practices
  • Employment Contracts

  • Termination Practices

  • Releases

  • Compliance of workplace records and documents with legislation

  • Notification before matters that will require administrative fines

  • Legislative support in the process of preparing a company lawsuit petition

  • Social Security Review Consultancy

  • Regulatory guidance to the client during the audit

Our Experts

Yasemin Meral, CPA

  • Technopark Accounting
  • R&D Payrolling
  • SGK (SSI) Incentives

Pınar Dinçtürk, CPA

  • Construction Accounting
  • Financial Reporting Process
  • Tübitak Financial Reporting Process

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