Hiring and Training Services

Scope of Service

Starting from advertising a job posting, evaluating the CV’s received, organizing the interviews, meeting the candidates, assessing competence, determining conformity with company culture and finally carrying out the hiring procedures, a successful hiring process requires time and expertise.

As Ventera we can manage your Accounting, Finance and Legal personnel search processes and lighten your work load.

You are regularly reported to during the evaluation of candidates who are appropriate for the job and your company by experts in relevant fields. Your hiring processes are managed by a professional team, saving you time and money.

Updated legislation, need for new information created by the transforming world, desire for development of managers or employees. There could be many reasons that constitute your need for training.

As Ventera we can help your team improve and stay updated by the training services we provide in various areas such as accounting, payrolling, taxation methods, financial literacy, protection of personal data, e-commerce and many others.

Our Experts

Yasemin Meral, CPA

  • Technopark Accounting
  • R&D Payrolling
  • SGK (SSI) Incentives

Pınar Dinçtürk, CPA

  • Construction Accounting
  • Financial Reporting Process
  • Tübitak Financial Reporting Process

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