Accounting Services

With our accounting services, we help our clients establish a healthy and reliable accounting system, while also relieving them of the accounting burden they face with business owners, investors, and regulators.

Company Formation

Once you have determined your business, business plan, budget, and capital needed to start, all that’s left is to establish a company and issue invoices for your sales. There are various incentives and supports provided by the government to help you maintain a successful commercial life. The type of company you choose can be one of the decisive criteria for taking advantage of these supports. It is essential to conduct a detailed analysis by examining your own situation to determine which type of company is suitable for you.

We offer tailored advice by understanding your business and future plans and recommend the most suitable company type for you. We complete your company formation quickly and smoothly with our services at the Notary Public, Chamber of Commerce, and Tax Offices.

Our Capital Company (Limited / Joint Venture) formation service includes the following steps:

  1. Information gathering regarding your business activities and sector.
  2. Preparation of the company’s articles of association.
  3. Application for registration with the Chamber of Commerce via MERSIS.
  4. Submission of notifications to the Tax Office and Social Security Institution after registration.

Accounting Services

Accounting is a systematic collection of information that documents, classifies, records, summarizes, and reports on all of the daily financial transactions of a business that engages in commercial activities.

Our accounting services are provided in compliance with the Turkish Uniform Account Plan, the Tax Procedure Law, and the Turkish Commercial Code, taking into account the legal regulations that may vary depending on your sector.

We provide accounting services in regular cycles that we determine monthly. We want to protect you from tax assessments reported at the last minute, working models with low communication, and inaccurately processed records.

Our accounting services provided in monthly cycles include the following steps:

  1. Keeping accounting records of the submitted documents.
  2. Preparation of the company’s financial statements.
  3. Preparation of tax returns.
  4. Sharing tax accrual receipts and reminding the due dates.
  5. Informing you about the latest legislative changes.

R&D Accounting

Various tax and SGK incentives are provided to Teknopark and R&D center companies. To take advantage of your company’s tax exemptions correctly and avoid penalty risks in the future, it is essential to have your accounting done by financial advisors who are knowledgeable about the Teknopark regulations.

We record all the Teknopark, tax and SGK incentives you benefit from in compliance with legal regulations. We inform you about regulatory changes and prevent incorrect incentive benefits. 

Our Teknopark accounting service includes the following steps in monthly cycles:

  1. Keeping accounting records of the submitted documents.
  2. Preparation of the company’s financial statements.
  3. Preparation of tax returns.
  4. Sharing tax accrual receipts and reminding the due dates.
  5. Preparation of exemption reports.
  6. Informing you about the latest legislative changes.

Accounting System Setup

Accounting systems serve five main areas in a company:

  1. Creation and reporting of legally required financial information,
  2. Preparation of long-term plans and development of strategies related to them,
  3. Cost planning and control related to activities,
  4. Decisions regarding the distribution of company resources,
  5. Performance measurement and evaluation.

At Ventera, we provide process management services to companies that want to establish a modern and functional accounting system that can regularly maintain and track all their financial statements. We also offer services that identify and implement the most suitable accounting system for your company’s needs and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Outsourced Accounting Personnel

Companies with high invoice volume, high daily banking transactions, or those that have integrated their accounting systems into Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems manage their accounting departments with in-house teams.

Due to various needs such as seasonal workload, departing team members, industry-specific knowledge, or accounting software knowledge, companies may turn to outsourcing accounting personnel.

By obtaining outsourced accounting personnel for the desired period, you can:

  1. Get support for your accounting operations,
  2. Add a person with the required program or industry knowledge to your team,
  3. Benefit from personnel cost advantages,
  4. Reduce the time spent on confirmation and direction in accounting operations.

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