Inheritance Law

Scope of Service

We provide consulting services to our clients on wealth management and inheritance planning. Additionally, we represent our clients in all kinds of disputes and legal proceedings related to inheritance law.

We provide our clients with consulting services on inheritance law-related matters such as managing and planning their assets, post-death planning, and regulating the regime among heirs. In this context, we work together with our tax expert partners to manage the tax aspects of planning and transfer processes. We provide meticulous and confidential support to our clients in the following processes:

  • Preparing a wealth management plan
  • Preparing a family asset management plan
  • Asset transfers and separations
  • Incorporation, establishment of foundations and associations, and directing assets to the right places
  • Preparing a family constitution
  • Preparing a shareholder agreement
  • Preparing a will and inheritance contract.

We represent and provide legal services to our clients in all aspects of inheritance law. We represent our clients in legal proceedings before the judiciary. We provide services in all kinds of inheritance law-related matters, including the following:

  • Obtaining a certificate of inheritance
  • Rejecting an inheritance, renouncing inheritance rights, and waiving inheritance
  • Lawsuits related to reserved portions (reduction)
  • Canceling testamentary dispositions (will, inheritance contract, lifetime maintenance contract)
  • Processes related to the determination, management, and protection of the estate
  • Division and transfer of the estate
  • Resolution of joint ownership issues.

Our Experts

Hakan Kavasoğlu, Lawyer
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  • International Trade
  • Real Estate Law 

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