Scope of Service

Our firm provides legal assistance on the Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK) and its secondary legislation to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals, particularly the privacy of their personal lives, and to regulate the obligations of natural and legal persons processing personal data.

Your company may have KVKK obligations based on the criteria of annual sales, balance sheet total, and number of employees. Additionally, if you process personal information-containing data through non-automated means such as CCTV footage or Turkish ID numbers, you may also be subject to the KVKK legislation.

With our team of digital security and legal experts, Ventera Partners can assist you in fulfilling your KVKK obligations, including:

  • KVKK analysis
  • Data privacy and protection compliance projects
  • Preparation of data inventories
  • Registration with the Data Controllers Registry
  • Preparation of website disclosure forms, privacy policies, and cookie policies
  • Evaluation of IT architecture, its components, and used technologies
  • Preparation of policies for personal data processing, storage, disposal, and emergency response
  • Continuous monitoring and ensuring compliance with changing regulations.


Our Experts

Doğukan Alkan, Lawyer
Legal Services

  • KVKK (Personal Data Protection Law) Processes
  • Patent and Trademark
  • Contract Consulting

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