Scope of Services

Valuation in public companies can be relatively easier as the company’s share value is determined between buyers and sellers on the stock exchange.

For non-public companies that seek capital for growth or want to sell their shares, various modeling and predictions need to be used to determine the value.

The models, analysis, and comparisons prepared based on your company’s business model and sector are presented to the investor with a valuation report that applies accepted valuation techniques in finance theory.

The following are the studies conducted during the valuation process:

  • Preparing a 5-year projection for the company
  • Researching valuation methods appropriate for the company’s sector
  • Applying at least two methods to determine the company’s value
  • Delivery of the valuation report in the requested language

Our Experts

Barış Özkurt, CPA
Audit and Assurance

  • Independent Auditing 
  • Revenue Auditing
  • Internal Auditing

Erim Nehir Kargacı
Corporate Finance

  • Interim CFO
  • Valuation
  • Initial Public Offering

Bora Baskın
Kurumsal Finansman

  • Financial Modelling
  • CFO Services
  • Budgeting

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