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We examine your business processes from various aspects, and inform you about the export incentives that you can benefit from.

In order to achieve the goals of local brands’ globalization and increasing foreign exchange inflow to the country, various export incentives, supports, and grant programs are announced by public institutions such as KOSGEB and the Ministry of Commerce. In addition to these supports, exports are also supported by various tax exemptions.

With its expert team, Ventera:

  • Examines your business processes from different angles and informs you about the export incentives offered by various institutions that you can benefit from.
  • Contributes to your maximum benefit from the supports with the feasibility studies it prepares.
  • Manages your incentive application processes and prevents you from making mistakes regarding the documents to be prepared and notifications to be made.

Uzman Kadro

Ahmet Yasagan
Teşvik Danışmanlığı

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