Process & Organization Design

Looking for a way to standardize your customer processes?

Think you don’t have an efficient way to request approval?

Maybe you want to develop an approval mechanism across your department.

Whatever your business or industry, process design is the key to transforming a predefined set of inputs (resources) into a valuable output (target result).

Scope of servıce

1- Business Model and Current Situation Analysis

According to your request, we focus on all your processes for the whole company or specific to a department and create a project group.

The biggest advantage of the current situation analysis is to establish a solid foundation in your company’s processes, and to evaluate accordingly and to identify improvement opportunities.

Activities to Do

  • Business Model Study (Customer segment, brand value proposition, partners, competitors)
  • Extracting the Current Organization
  • Chart and Job Descriptions
  • Benchmark (Competitor) Analysis
  • Creating Process Flow Charts
  • Identifying Painpoints
2- Creating a Roadmap

Strategic focus and an inspired roadmap are key to unlocking the best solutions and building consensus along the way.

In this step, together with the project team we have established from your company, we determine the priorities and build the most applicable roadmap.

Activities to Do

  • Identification of Improvement Points and Prioritization of Projects
  • Writing the Project Cards and Determining the Responsibles in the
  • Organizational Structure Approval of the Created Processes by the Units and Preparation of the Process Management Matrices

We undertake the work from you in accordance with the scope and roadmap determined by our One-Stop Service Model.

We provide all the negotiations and coordination for your company and bring the work to you for approval at the final stage.

Our Approach

Our Expert Team Is Always With You On Your Growth Journey

Ezgi Güçok

  • Process Management
  • Digital Transformation
  • Experience Design

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