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Rental Agreements

The aim is to conduct attest audits of the revenues declared at specified periods by the tenants who have signed revenue-based rental agreements and thus preventing incomplete or erroneous rent payments.

The amount of revenue and license usage under revenue-based licensing agreements are audited through the combined efforts of our IT and Audit teams.

Contract adherence reviews and revenue audits are conducted by our Legal and Audit teams for revenue share based Franchising agreements.

Scope of Service

“Percentage lease” is one of the traditional and oft-used income models. In leasing agreements written by shopping centers and marinas, franchising agreements that give brand usage rights or licensing agreements that provide access to incorporeal rights, commission agreements based on sales or profit can be made.

Since, in agreements that stipulate taking a percentage of revenue, the income to be gained is calculated on the basis of the sales amount of the customer or user, the auditing of revenue is of importance in preventing erroneous rent payments or usage declarations. Revenue Auditing can prevent all types of misreporting and conflicts between parties.

The misreporting and missing amounts are reported to you upon completion of the revenue audit conducted by Ventera Partners.

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