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Process Analysis

All the operational processes of your company are analyzed by our Audit and Consulting teams. The multistage process documentation is prepared following the review.

Control points are identified via written processes. Mechanisms of verification and control are developed at stages that can affect financial tables.

Monitoring activities are conducted at regular intervals to inspect the effectiveness of control points.

Scope of Service

Internal auditing consists of the audit and consulting activities performed by evaluating the risk management, control activities and corporate management processes in order to establish, improve and develop these process, thus assisting the organization in achieving its goals. Internal auditing helps organizations achieve their goals through a systematic and disciplined approach to the evaluation and development of risk management, control and governance processes, while minimizing the risk of fraud and irregularities.

Ventera can provide outsourced internal auditing services, help set up your company’s internal audit department or cater to your staffing needs with outside supplements to your existing internal auditing team:

  • Preparing the strategic plan and regulations for internal auditing
  • Creating effective risk management and control processes
  • Establishing the working principles and procedures of the auditing committee
  • Creating the general risk map of the organization
  • Creating a plan for risk assessment and internal auditing
  • Developing suggestions for increasing effectiveness and efficiency
  • Carrying out internal audits
  • Evaluating whether processes are carried out according to the determined policies and procedures
  • Carrying out the organizational risk assessment Increasing the reliability of reports presented to the management
  • Developing suggestions to protect assets and prevent loss, misappropriation and misuse

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