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Internal Control Tests

We perform internal control tests in order to understand your company processes and measure the effectiveness of anti-fraud internal control mechanisms.

We implement our audit planning to provide reasonable assurance as to whether the financial statement information is free from fraud, error or inaccuracy.

We report to you the findings of the business assets and resources after the internal control tests and fraud audits we conducted, for the purpose of providing benefits to them by the employees of the business.

Scope of Service

Fraud is the deliberate use of all kinds of assets and resources of the institution (including time) for their own benefit by the employees of the enterprise, including those in the top management, or to gain unfair advantage by seizing them.

Frauds are planned and deliberate by taking advantage of the weaknesses in the internal control structure of the enterprises, and because they are done deliberately, it takes a long time to reveal them. An act of cheating occurs when a need that encourages employees to cheat, a work environment capable of cheating, an effort to justify oneself, and the ability to cheat come together.

The purpose of fraud audits conducted by Ventera is to determine whether the business assets and resources are used by the employees of the business for their own benefit.

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Barış Özkurt, CPA
Audit and Assurance

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  • Internal Auditing

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  • Internal Auditing
  • Financial Control

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