Financial Due Diligence

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Examining Tax Impacts

We examine the tax model before determining the financial situation in company mergers and acquisitions and inform you about the effects of the financial statement.

We carry out a comprehensive audit study in order to verify the data in many aspects such as tax, financial, operational and intellectual capital of the company to be invested.

We report our findings in order to contribute to the investor’s making the right decision.

Scope of Service

Company mergers and acquisitions involve a process that requires a systematic and detailed examination for the buyer. In this process, it is often not easy to make decisions, especially in financial matters. For this reason, Financial Due Diligence (financial due diligence report) is a comprehensive audit study conducted to reveal the situation of the company that is targeted to be invested/acquired in many aspects such as tax, financial, operational and intellectual capital.

Although Due Diligence is not a concept included in the laws in force in our country and is not among the mandatory audit studies, it is an audit that must be done in mergers and acquisitions.

Ventera, with the audit work it has done and the due diligence report it has prepared as a result, contributes to the investor who intends to merge or take over to make the right decision.

Our Experts

Barış Özkurt
Audit and assurance

  • Independent Auditing
  • Revenue Auditing
  • Internal Auditing

Erim Nehir Kargacı
Corporate Finance

  • Interim CFO
  • Valuation
  • Initial Public Offering

Bora Baskın
Corporate Finance

  • Financial Modelling
  • CFO Services
  • Budgeting

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